About Us

A great meal requires carefully picked ingredients. So does great Style! Freshness, quality and uniqueness should be as important to what you wear as it is what you eat. Feed your individuality what it needs....a Khris Kross Custom Creation!
   At Khris Kross, we believe that consuming a well balanced diet is essential to personal identification. When you eat good, you feel good. The same goes for style! When you look good, you feel good! Whenever you get dressed, your finished product makes a statement about you, so express your personal style by FEEDING YOUR INDIVIDUALITY!
The best way to feed your individuality? A Khris Kross bow tie! Our ties are an expression of you, because they are created by YOU! You choose the "style ingredients" for your tie to create your own personal masterpiece! The world is full of copies, but you are an original! Show it!
   There are two things you should do at the start of your day. First, decide how you're going to positively leave your mark on society today. Second, feed your individuality with a Khris Kross Bowtie!