Are your bowties adjustable?
Yes, all bowties are adjustable to fit a wide range of neck sizes from 14" to 20"! We also have ties for children.
What are your ties made of?
Our ties are made of a variety of fabrics such as silk, linen, velvet, wool and a wide variety of cottons! Because we pledge to help you feed your individuality, we will continue to offer ties in a wide variety of other fabrics!
Are the ties self-tie or pre-tied?
We believe in being perfectly imperfect! It gives you a sense of identity! Therefore all ties are self-tie so your tie will have its own identity!
I love bow ties, what should I do?
Join the "Krossed Klub" today! Every month of the year you will receive a brand new tie in the mail! Stay tuned for more details! Cant wait? Contact us today to get involved!
I have an idea for a tie, what should I do?
Immediately go to the contact page and let us know so we can make your vision become a reality! We love collaborating with our family to create masterpieces!
Do you offer ties for children?
Yes, we do offer ties for children.  Please visit our "Kids" page!
Do you accept bulk/group orders?
Yes! We'd be happy to facilitate large orders! Whether it's a wedding, corporate event, or just a group of buddies - we'll make it happen for you!
Fundraising? Do you do that?
Yes! We have a fundraising program that allows you to help design a tie and raise money for your organization or cause! Contact us! What a fun and creative way to support!
Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Yes! We certainly do!
Can I change an order that's already been placed?
If you notify us within 12 hours of your purchase we can make the necessary changes!
I purchased my tie, now what?
Look out for your confirmation email and wait on the porch for the mailman everyday until your tie arrives! Then immediately put it on!
You mentioned donating to the community, tell me more...
We currently are using a portion of every sale to support the Khris Kross "Tied to Success" Program that invests in local communities through the creation of young entrepreneurs! Certain ties also have affiliations to certain organizations. That will be noted in the tie description! Have a suggestion for an organization? Tell us!
Have a question that's not included here? 
Head over to our "Contact Us" page or shoot an email to info@feedmebowties.com